THINK GLOBAL was born from the idea of four professionals sharing a consolidated experience in project management in international contexts, in emerging areas and developing countries.

THINK GLOBAL builds its relationships with a multicultural, interdisciplinary and innovative approach, which aims at creating values based on “relations”, at all levels.

THINK GLOBAL believes that the answers to modern challenges hide within the relationships among people and places: there is no rich or poor territory in absolute value, while any place can hide some opportunity for development, wealth and well-being. THINK GLOBAL believes that our own country is in urgent need of opening itself to the new frontiers that have been revolutionising global economy and society in a way that is every day more dynamic and multiform.

With its servicesTHINK GLOBAL is the ultimate partner for such challenges. Its added values are the specialized expertise of the team, together with their talent in seizing hidden opportunities and supporting their clients through consolidated networks in Italy and abroad, originated from years of relations and collaborations. THINK GLOBAL follows its clients step by step, helping them to achieve their objectives by sharing strategies and processes.

THINK GLOBAL provides its partners and clients with a wide expertise ranging from management to technical issues, based on the different professional backgrounds of the team and the experience gained through an over twenty-year working practice abroad, especially in developing countries.



Andrea Landini, 1981, a degree in International Political Science, Master for Company Internationalization (at NIBI, Milan).  He worked in the field of international cooperation for seven years, with operational, management and coordination roles, both in field programmes in developing countries and in the headquarters.  Since January 2013 he embarked on corporate consulting for internationalization and commercial brokering, working freelance for private companies and foreign governmental bodies.


Luca Lietti, born in 1979, a degree in Economics and Business, Master in Planning and Management of Co-operation and Training Activities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Since 2005 he has been working as a consultant for public services and non-profit sector: he has coordinated several projects and initiatives of local economic development, sustainable tourism, territorial valorization and development in Italy and Southeast Europe.


Claudio Gatti, born in 1977, he graduated in 1996 and for nine years he worked in medium and large engineering industries with technical and commercial roles. In the past eight years he devoted himself to international cooperation, with managerial assignments in different working areas such as administration, planning and business management. Over these years he also had experiences in communication, fundraising and publishing.


Antonio Molinari, 1977, a degree in Engineering, Master in Project Management, IPMA certification International Project Management Association). He has worked in the field of international cooperation for ten years, managing and coordinating the design and technical definition of new programmes. Since 2012 he has been working as a project manager for a plant engineering company.