THINK GLOBAL belives that expertise and professionalism are crucial elements in every activities.

That’s why THINK GLOBAL decides to create strong partnerships with experts and high profile companies in complementary sectors to those in which THINK GLOBAL offers its services

Through THINK GLOBAL network is possible to access to different services, supplied by recognized experts and long-experienced companies. Here after our main partners:

  • Agenda 21 Consulting / Expert advice in environmental engineering, sustainable development planning
  • Climosfera / Civil Structures and Industrial Plants Planning
  • Consult Me/ Corporate consultancy for SMEs
  • daddaus / Graphic & Web design
  • iMEX.A / Engineering: designing, planning and expert advice
  • Key d’Or / Web-marketing and communication
  • Orama / Additive manufacturing, Laser cut, 3D Scan
  • PrincipioAttivo / Architectural studio
  • R&P Legal / Legal Studio