We work in emerging markets across the world, bridging the gap between the worlds of business and international cooperation by combining the first’s dedication to achievement with the global outlook of the second.

We believe in business with a social impact and find solutions to real problems through good project management. We are convinced all places have the potential to achieve wellbeing and prosperity.


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Established in Italy in 2014, today Think Global has offices in:

• Milan
• Rome
• Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
• Kampala (Uganda)
• Nairobi (Kenya).

Meet the team

Andrea Landini


After earning a degree in Politics and a master’s in Business Internationalization, I worked in international cooperation, mostly in Africa and Asia, for seven years.
I’ve worked freelance in internationalization, business development and management consulting for private firms and public institutions, specializing in the industrial and health sectors.

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Claudio Gatti


I have a technical background as manager for medium to large automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries. For the last 15 years I’ve worked in international cooperation, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, as a project coordinator and chief of administration, planning and budgetary matters.

As an Operations Manager, I have supervised projects in the fields of health, logistics and supply chain, information systems and construction.

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Antonio Molinari


I have a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, a master’s degree in Project Management and an IPMA (International Project Management Association) certification.
I’ve worked as head of Technical Division in international cooperation in Africa and the Near East for ten years. Since 2011 I have been project manager for primary companies in the plant engineering and energy sectors.

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