Agri-Social-Business, Luanda

Full feasibility study for the development of a set of social business projects in Angola.

Angola Social Business (ASB) is a program for the redevelopment and reorganization of urban and rural agricultural production that: 

  • Produces income generation for Bon Pasteur sisters’ general program, for involved staff and related workers and three wide communities of beneficiaries. Local Family Farmers in the countryside, Urban Women Farmers and street vendors Zungeiras in Luanda;
  • Enhances women empowerment;
  • Provides food security to the low-income Angolans ;
  • Strengthens Angola’s effort in diversifying from an oil-based economy.

Camabatela, 2019, Market research

THINK GLOBAL has been appointed as leading consultant to produce a full feasibility study for the development of identified social business projects. Following an assessment mission, THINK GLOBAL has selected and involved relevant experts in the fields of agriculture and supply chain to develop the study. Angola Social Business feasibility study presents detailed information concerning: overview of the area and market analysis, proposed social business model, features and functioning of proposed social business.

Luinga Farm, 40 hectares land, development Phase 3

ASB revolves around three sites of the Good Shepherd sisters in Angola: 

  • Talatona headquarters, in the capital Luanda, is the heart and the pivot of the project.
  • The other town’s site, Kikolo, based in a poor area, is complementary and ancillary to the HQ.
  • Camabatela, a rural area 400 Km North-East of Luanda, involving BP site as well as the surrounding farming fields, owned by a large number of family farmers.
  • The scheme gradually transfers skills, operations and facilities from the Talatona- Luanda HQ to the Camabatela countryside. The investment will return over time in terms of agricultural products to be consumed, distributed and sold.
ASB, Project Scheme, Camabatela Phase 1





Good Shepherd International Foundation

Good Shepherd International Foundation

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