Organization Model review, Rome

A comprehensive strategy for a long-term review of the foundation model, Rome, Italy.

Good Sheperd International Foundation (GSIF) in 2019, after a decade from the incorporation, decided to review its organizational model and internal processes, with a specific focus on the functional links with the Good Sheperd/Bon Pasteur Congregation, of which represents one of the most important operational tools, and specifically with the mission partners spread all over the world in almost 40 Countries.

THINK GLOBAL has been appointed as consultant to support this process through the application of consolidated models and tools; in particular, THINK GLOBAL has studied the organizational chart in place and the operational procedures, proposing an alternative matrix based model focused on the projects’ implementation needs and with a project management strongly oriented papproach.

An example of congregation mission partners project:
construction works of the new Bon Pasteur school in Kolwezi, DRC (2019).




Good Shepherd International Foundation

Good Shepherd International Foundation

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