Agri-Social-Business, Kolwezi – PHASE 2

Project Management to support the development of a set of social business projects in Kolwezi area, DRC

KOLWEZI SOCIAL BUSINESS (KSB) is a pilot project promoted by Bon Pasteur (BP) Kolwezi and the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) aimed to develop self- sustainable and locally owned social enterprises in an impoverished artisanal- mining area (Kolwezi area, DRC) through international investments and know-how transfer.

Maisha Farm cooperatives members seedings, 2019 rainy season

THINK GLOBAL has been appointed as project manager to support the development of identified social business projects. THINK GLOBAL is now coordinating a team of national and international professionals for the start-up of the project, supervising all constructions and providing daily support to operations to achieve set results.

Maisha Farm, rehabilitation works on existing buildings

KSB is a multi-years and multi-stakeholders program, developed on two different sites (communities) in the Kolwezi area. KSB happens to be a complex project to be managed in terms of Human resources, procurement, sales and environmental conditions.

Maisha Farm, training fish ponds





Persone come noi

Persone come noi

Good Shepherd International Foundation

Good Shepherd International Foundation

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