At our core, we are driven by a firm belief in the transformative power of business with a social impact. We are convinced that all places have the potential to achieve well-being and prosperity.

Our vision is clear: to provide effective solutions to real problems through well-managed projects.
Central to our philosophy is the fusion of two seemingly disparate spheres: the business world and the realm of international cooperation.

Our logo, a symbolic union of two distinct circles, represents this fusion. It is a visual representation of our commitment to leveraging the symbiotic relationship between these spheres, channeling their collective influence to effect positive change on a global scale through localized actions.

Our logo encapsulates the essence of THINK GLOBAL: a relentless dedication to fostering collaboration, nurturing global consciousness and championing responsible practices. By embracing these principles, we catalyze a wave effect that transcends borders, fostering a more interconnected world.

We believe in a growth model that draws on the profit and non-profit sectors to create value for entrepreneurs and communities in the mid to long-term.

THINK GLOBAL has developed an innovative approach inspired by social business.

Coop 2.0 is based on skill-sharing and resource optimization across profit and non-profit partners.

Profit & Non-Profit Cooperation

Coop 2.0 helps businesses make the most out of working in developing countries, leveraging on local skills and creating added value for their projects. Meanwhile, cooperating communities and individuals are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial and profit-making ventures.

Social Responsibility

  • Philanthropy
  • Non-profit
  • Costs

Social Business

  • Social change
  • Non-profit
  • Non-equity investments

COOP 2.0

  • Development
  • For-Profit
  • Equity investments

A Win Win Alliance – Anticipating ROI and PAYBACK Period

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