Digital design and sustainability

This website has been designed to minimise the energy consumption and CO2 emissions that result from navigating the internet.

Dark mode

It is available in dark mode, thus reducing screen brightness and energy consumption – especially in mobile use where OLED screens are most common.
Using dark mode can reduce your screen’s energy and is one of the more popular ways to provide a more sustainable web alternative in recent years. However, the actual effect of this is small, as only OLED displays save power while in dark mode. Unlike LCD or LED screens, OLED screens do not require energy to block light. More relevantly, however, the dark mode can often be more comfortable to read than a bright white screen.


Our site can activate a Low Data Mode which (1) reduces the resolution of images and provides them in black and white and (2) turns off features that require the download of a high amount of data and requests to external services, such as video streaming and maps dynamics.
Thanks to these measures, data transmission drops by around 80%, reducing loading times and energy consumption.

Full color image

Low Res Image

Green Hosting

Choosing a green hosting option is one of the biggest factors when building sustainable websites. This website is hosted by Aruba↗︎. They have taken a clear position on environmental sustainability, and run on renewable energy.

To know more about the development of sustainable websites, please visit the generous and informative Low Tech Magazine↗︎.

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