We believe in business with a social impact and find solutions to real problems through good project management. We are convinced all places have the potential to achieve wellbeing and prosperity.



Business development




Business Development

Driving Growth Worldwide by Identifying and Pursuing Strategic Opportunities for Ourselves, Partners, and Clients.

At THINK GLOBAL, we specialize in proactive business development initiatives worldwide. From navigating diverse regions like Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, we leverage our experience to identify growth opportunities for ourselves, partners, and clients. Our approach involves identifying and pursuing opportunities while enhancing our ventures through strategic networking. With a focus on discerning real opportunities and facilitating participation in impactful projects, we scout for funding prospects, calls for proposals, and private investments. Our goal is to keep clients, partners, and ourselves ahead of global opportunities. Collaborating with us means accessing a wealth of growth possibilities, where our proactive approach fosters innovation and success. 

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Project Management

Efficient Management of International and National Projects Across Diverse Sectors, Ensuring Quality and Efficiency.

THINK GLOBAL excels in Project Management, overseeing projects from inception to completion. Our approach ensures efficient execution through industry-standard tools like Gantt charts, risk registers, and milestone trackers. With meticulous planning, resource allocation, and diligent monitoring, we drive projects to successful outcomes, meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality results. Whether managing international initiatives or local projects, our tailored approach guarantees timely, budget-conscious, and high-quality deliverables. We effectively handle project components such as finance, budget, supply chain, communication, even in complex, resource-constrained environments, navigating challenges posed by local contexts while maintaining quality and optimal resource management.

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Technical Support

Specialized Assistance for Enhanced Operations.

THINK GLOBAL offers tailored technical support across a spectrum of intervention areas, encompassing project and program evaluations, process optimization, and management system enhancements. Our expertise extends to organizational reviews, technical and procedural SOP revisions, strategic planning, feasibility studies, business plans, technical deep dives, supply chain management, logistics, communication strategies, and safety protocols. While our primary focus areas include Health, Agriculture, and Energy sectors, many of these activities are cross-cutting and can be applied across various fields of intervention. With a commitment to excellence, we provide targeted technical support to streamline operations and drive sustainable impact.

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Comprehensive Training and Capacity Building Solutions.

We provide a wide range of training and capacity building services across various technical domains, including PM methodologies, Supply Chain, Logistics, Safety & Security, M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation), MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning), proposal writing, grant management, budgeting, and resource management. Drawing from decades of professional experience in both profit and non-profit project management, we have developed effective methodologies and tools tailored to diverse operational contexts. Our extensive team of trainers and educators spans multiple fields of expertise, ensuring the consistency and quality of our training modules. Moreover, THINK GLOBAL is committed to providing ongoing support to our students and beneficiaries beyond the training sessions, ensuring continuous learning and development.

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