Our team comprises skilled professionals working collaboratively to deliver impactful solutions globally. With a dynamic approach, we operate from Rome and Milan, leveraging strategic direction from our Senior Management Team.

We form strategic partnerships and mobilize specialized consultants as needed thanks to an agile approach. This allows us to adapt quickly to each projects’ needs and build international teams, ensuring local presence and operational support.

At THINK GLOBAL, our team is the cornerstone of our operations, bringing together diverse talents and expertise to drive excellence in every project we undertake. Based in Rome, our operational hub, and supported by a commercial development office in Milan, we operate across Italy and beyond.
Led by our Senior Management Team, comprising the shareholders of THINK GLOBAL, we set the strategic vision and direction for our organization. Our operational resources work to ensure smooth coordination and efficient administration, enabling us to deliver high-quality results consistently.

We embrace an agile approach to project management and implementation. We form strategic partnerships with trusted national and international firms, allowing us to leverage their expertise and resources to complement our own. This collaborative model enables us to adapt quickly to the evolving needs and the dynamic landscape of our international projects.

Additionally, we maintain a roster of consultants who are highly specialized in various fields relevant to THINK GLOBAL’s focus areas. These experts are mobilized and engaged as needed, providing invaluable insights and technical support to ensure the success of our projects. Our consultants and partners hail from both Italy and abroad, and we have a robust network of collaborators in key countries where we operate. This allows us to build international teams for our projects, ensuring local presence in terms of contextual knowledge, logistics, and operational support.

Meet the team

Andrea Landini


After earning a degree in Politics and a master’s in Business Internationalization, I worked in international cooperation, mostly in Africa and Asia, for seven years.
I’ve worked freelance in internationalization, business development and management consulting for private firms and public institutions, specializing in the industrial and health sectors.

Claudio Gatti


I have a technical background as manager for medium to large automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries. For the last 15 years I’ve worked in international cooperation, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, as a project coordinator and chief of administration, planning and budgetary matters.
As an Operations Manager, I have supervised projects in the fields of health, logistics and supply chain, information systems and construction.

Luca Frasca


Graduated in Geological Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome, I then specialized in Procurement & Logistics by working in various international NGOs and gaining over 15 years of experience in Operations Management and emergency-related fields – WASH, Shelter, Needs Assessment. I am experienced as well in Project Evaluation as team leader and team member, with specific focus on Humanitarian Operations, WASH and Shelter Cluster sectors. In 2022 I have been appointed as Senior Humanitarian Expert in EC DG-ECHO Logistics Support evaluation at global level. In the last years I have also accumulated an extensive experience in training and ToT, both at formal and non-formal levels.

Giulia Rossi


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation from Ca’ Foscari University, which has equipped me with invaluable language skills essential for bridging communication divides among individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. My experience includes significant roles within the third sector. In Argentina, I worked in an organization in the suburbs of La Plata, which focused on education and social inclusion. I actively initiated and nurtured partnerships, underscoring the added value of robust relationships in similar contexts. Furthermore, in Italy, I continued my involvement in the third sector as representative, coordinator and administrative assistant for a reality situated in Rome, that dealt with difficult social contexts.


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