Agri-social Business, Kyma Kyetu (part 1)

Scope of work

Design socio-economic transformation in Angola through agricultural revitalization

Project ID

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Good Shepherd International Foundation

Good Shepherd International Foundation




Kyma Kyetu, an ambitious program in Angola, is focused on rejuvenating both urban and rural agricultural production. Its mission encompasses several critical objectives:

1.Income Generation: it aims to generate income for the Bon Pasteur sisters’ General Program, program staff, related workers, and three distinct beneficiary communities: local family farmers in rural areas, urban women farmers, and street vendors (Zungeiras) in Luanda.

2.Women Empowerment: This initiative strongly emphasizes empowering women, recognizing their central role in agricultural activities.

3.Food Security: Kyma Kyetu is committed to ensuring food security for low-income Angolans, guaranteeing consistent access to a sufficient and stable food supply.

4.Economic Diversification: By promoting agricultural activities, Kyma Kyetu contributes significantly to diversifying Angola’s economy, reducing its dependency on oil.

THINK GLOBAL leads this transformative project, conducting a comprehensive Full Feasibility Study with expert input from Agriculture and Supply Chain specialists. This study, featuring an overview of the area and market, the proposed social business model, and project intricacies, represents a crucial step towards realizing Kyma Kyetu’s diverse goals, fostering sustainable socio-economic development in Angola.


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