Auto-disable syringes Plant

Scope of work

Pre-feasibility study for the development of an auto-disable syringes production plant, Kampala, Uganda

Project ID

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Joint Medical Store

Joint Medical Store




In 2017,  Joint Medical Store (JMS private pharmaceutical distributor in Uganda, grown into the market-leading private medical distributor and warehousing firm in the country) was looking to expand into manufacturing by building and operating a state-of-the-art auto-disable syringe manufacturing facility in Kampala (expected to boast a capacity of over 100 million AD syringes p.a. becoming a pioneer in East and Central Africa).

Following an Assessment mission, THINK GLOBAL has selected and involved relevant experts in the fields of Pharmaceutical Production and Supply Chain to develop the study. Kampala auto-disable syringe plant Pre-Feasibility Study presents detailed information concerning: overview of the area and market analysis, technical feasibility, financial feasibility, organizational feasibility.

The Project is designed to be developed through two different phases in order to reduce CAPEX need in the first years and to adapt to market reaction. All clean utilities installed in the Facility since phase n.1, shall be oversized to be able to cope with the Capacity expansion of the second project phase (double capacity).


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