Manuals: Procurement and Logistics

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Procurement and Logistics Manuals, Review and Design

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Lutheran World Federation

Lutheran World Federation




THINK GLOBAL has supported the LWF World Service to perform the comprehensive review of the Global Procurement Manual (approved by UNHCR in December 2022).

In 2023, the development of the Logistics Manual for LWF World Service was carried out by THINK GLOBAL. The purpose of this Manual has been to establish suitable procedures for all logistics activities conducted by LWF World Service and its partners, in order to create a standardized knowledge of this sector to be shared with and implemented by the organization’s worldwide members.
The current Procurement Manual and Logistics Manual have been designed to fit LWF organizational requirements and are harmonized with reference to publicly accessible procurement documents from (among others) the UN, UNHCR, Europe Aid, ECHO and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). As a result, the procedures and guidelines in these Manuals meet the aforementioned donor rules and requirements.
Both Manuals have been drafted linking all relevant chapters with the relevant contents of the Financial Manual.

In addition to that, THINK GLOBAL developed for the client Green Procurement Approach, based on the principles stated in the 2022 Humanitarian Logistics Policy and aligned with practices adopted by DG ECHO – WFP WREC Project.

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