Private health clinic, Milan

Innovative health clinic technical and strategic feasibility study, Milan, Italy

Spazio IRIS is an institute that operates in the professional training, clinic and research sector in the health, legal, care and educational fields to achieve excellence in the knowledge and skills of the professionals involved. Spazio IRIS operates throughout the national territory and makes use of the collaboration of highly qualified professionals and consultants, prestigious university universities and national and international scientific associations. In 2019, Spazio IRIS intended to validate technical feasibility and elaborate a strategic model to expand its activities to private health care services. 

Spazio Iris, Logo

THINK GLOBAL has been appointed as consultant to produce a comprehensive development plan for the expansion of the range of action of Spazio Iris to private health care service sector. The venture has been studied from a strategic, business modelling, organizational, economic and financial point of view. Afterwards, THINK GLOBAL has supported Spazio Iris to identify the right location in Milan to start-up the business, providing also technical support to design internal lay-out and fit-out of the clinic.

Internal Layout draft, Spazio Iris health clinic, Milan, 2020




Spazio IRIS

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