Procurement Help Desk Service

Scope of work

Global Procurement Helpdesk Service for Worldwide Lutheran World Federation’s Operations

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Lutheran World Federation

Lutheran World Federation




THINK GLOBAL has been handling since 2021 the Procurement Helpdesk service at global level to support LWF Global Procurement Operations.

THINK GLOBAL is working on the following aspects:

•Provide procurement and logistics trainings to WS staff in line with the LWF Procurement Manual.

•Conduct online procurement webinars & workshops for staff involved in procurement & logistics .

•Establish an on-demand help desk to provide support and technical advice on procurement issues.

•Develop a FAQ document and e-training modules to be used in the long term to support CPs

•Develop global logistics guidelines and training modules

The task aims to build capacity of key country program staff in procurement through the development of online training modules, a helpdesk facility and FAQs (based on the LWF Procurement Manual)

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