Procurement Support on Emergency Response

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Procurement Support and Mission, Ukraine Emergency Response

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Lutheran World Federation

Lutheran World Federation




In the framework of LWF World Service Emergency Response in Ukraine, LWF aims to implement a wide response in Shelter sector, by providing rehabilitation of a huge number of houses and apartments according to Shelter Cluster requests.  Rehabilitation works should be carried out by construction companies already operating in project areas and suitable companies should be selected and contracted in order to meet urgent humanitarian needs. Tender Management and selection of suitable contractors is considered a crucial step in kick-off phase of the Shelter Project.

LWF World Service appointed Tender Management coordination and follow up to THINK GLOBAL, thanks to our experienced in application of LWF Procurement Manual.

THINK GLOBAL has been selected in order to identify the most suitable sourcing strategy and tender management approach for abovementioned activities, ensuring compliance with donor requirements and matching project workplan and timeframe as agreed with UNHCR.


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